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Dog Years

Our Story

The story begins in a flashback at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, set at the time of Snoopy’s puppyhood. While still puppies, Snoopy and his siblings quickly become adept musicians, with each puppy learning to play an instrument. Snoopy plays the guitar, Spike plays the first fiddle, Belle on the second fiddle, Marbles on banjo, Olaf on jug, Molly on mandolin, Rover on steel guitar, and Andy on drum set. At the same time, the owner posts a sign which reads “Puppies for Sale”. Missy (the puppies’s mother) and the puppies cry as when they see (and read) the sign. After reading it, the puppies realize they are going to be parting ways (from both their mother and each other) when they are sold from the puppy farm.

That was many, many dog years ago.  Camp Pawgussett picks up where the Daisy Hill Ruff Riders left off.


Road Show

Guide Dogs

Ask Us Anything – We Can’t Keep Secrets

In our shameless exploitation in pursuit of the common good, we estimate that the original eight from Daisy Hill produced enough offspring to power the western hemisphere.  Eight pups, six boys, two girls, multiple litters and no birth control. Odds are you’re going to meet a litter mate at Camp Pawgussett.  Power on. 


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It’s a twinge in your heart, far more powerful than memory alone.

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Intuition is free.  Use it or lose it. 

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